More than ever, we’ve seen the Earth perish badly. Climate change effects are dramatically affecting our daily lives and they are becoming more and more violent. We’ve also seen populations and ethnic groups being oppressed with the complicity of the western countries governments.

It is time to react in order to hope for a better future. Every action counts.

A low ethic industry

Fashion industry is one of the most polluting. It is responsible for 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions. It represents more emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. Fashion dries up water sources, and pollutes rivers and oceans by rejecting micro plastics and other polluting substances.

Its lack of ethic is responsible for the recent and past scandals of complicity for the oppression toward some populations. But also for child labour or even slavery. And it’s not even worthy to bring the animal card on here…

We must take action

There is a lot of work to do. However things begin to move slowly. It is our role as consumers to make things move faster by consuming differently. Responsibly.

According a study led by McKinsey & Company, clothing production has roughly doubled since 2000. People bought 60% more garments in 2014 than in 2000 although they only kept the clothes for half as long.

Excessive consumption is as harmful for the environment than it is for Human kind. For the textile workers as well as the consumers.

This is the reason why, starting 2021, I’ve decided to act in a logic of preservation for the planet. By shopping less and more consciously. This means shopping second hand clothing by thrifting in shops or online using apps like Vinted. It also means purchasing pieces made ethically and sustainably to minimise my footprint. The better action is still to abstain from buying anything you don’t really need.

Monitor a brand’s sustainability

Find sustainable fashion brands is not an easy journey. But I got you covered ! I’ve found a website called Good On You which ables you to monitor a brand’s sustainability upon 3 criterias :

  • Environment
  • Labour
  • Animal

Good on You gives you detailed explanations about the grades it gives to a brand. A good thing is that every information is sourced and dated.

Also Good On You, allows you to discover new brands and get informed on its Journal section. You can also get vouchers for your sustainable shopping sessions !

Cool thing to know : they have a mobile application available on both Android and iOS.

I hope you enjoyed this article ! Do not hesitate to write a comment and share your thoughts about it.

See you in the next one !

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