Hi ! I’m Lenny but you can call me Len’s.

First of all, welcome on More of Len’s 🥳

I am a digital enthusiast living in a Paris, France. I’m also a great lover of music, of experiments and of the beautiful things that life has to offer us. I’ve always wanted to leave my mark in the vastness of the internet, which is why I decided to contribute with this blog.

Here we don’t fear nothing and we talk about everything ! On this blog, I want to share some lifestyle-oriented content. That is to say everything that interests me such as fashion, student life, self-care tips, etc … All this in a relaxed context, we are here for fun, no need to take it too much seriously.

More of Len’s is a safe place which aims to bring together people with similar interests and who wish to discuss various and varied themes, with lightness but sometimes more seriously, in respect and kindness.

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See you again 👋🏽